Kevin Murphy


Switching to Natural & Organic?Axiom Spa & Salon now carries Kevin Murphy. We’re proud to offer our clients the option to shop organic, natural and cruelty free products! Designed to thicken and strengthen a fine or thinning mane, its paraben- and sulphate-free formulation is loaded with botanical extracts, proteins and natural acids to stimulate hair growth, refresh the scalp and leave your strands clean and full.

Milk Shake


You can't go wrong with Milkhshake. Its formula offers the benefits of nature to offer dedicated solutions for all hair types. Natural ingredients such as milk and yogurt proteins and fruit extracts enhance the hair’s natural beauty.

AG Hair


Proudly Canadian, AG HAIR takes pride in their meticulous selection of natural ingredients, ensuring they are gentle on hair while also delivering results. 

Moroccan Oil

Moroccanoil - A story of success, an impulse for innovation and a relentless pursuit of high-performing oil-infused beauty products fashioned an iconic brand: Moroccanoil. The original Moroccanoil Treatment pioneered oil-infused haircare and created the worldwide buzz on argan oil.

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